Turning Art into Beautiful Puzzles

Außergewöhnliches Puzzle für Erwachsene, das die bunten Häuser der portugiesische Stadt Porto zeigt.

The Manifesto

A puzzle won't solve all of your problems, but a puzzle is a problem you can solve. Piece by piece, until the individual pieces of the puzzle reveal a harmonious overall picture that consists of many wonderful little details that you learn to appreciate on the way to the big picture. This path is not always linear. Sometimes you get ahead faster and approach your goal in big steps. And sometimes you realize that a part has ended up in the wrong place and you have to correct your course. But in the end, your patience will pay off and you will not only be rewarded with an extraordinary work of art, but also with the indescribable feeling of having achieved and created something really great.

Außergewöhnliches Puzzle für Erwachsene mit Berglandschaft


Jasmin Nasser

Jasmin Nasser, Gründerin von Piecely Puzzles

Jasmin Nasser launched her shop to offer up-and-coming artists from all over the world a creative and tactile stage to make their art accessible to a wider audience in a whole new way. With the help of plastic-free puzzles, Jasmin strives to make the world of art tangible for hobby puzzlers of all ages.

Driven by a passion for working with emerging artists and motivated by the idea of ​​shaking up the outdated puzzle market, Jasmin connected the two worlds and founded Piecely.

Wanna Collaborate?

If you are an artist yourself and would like to transform your travel art into a beautiful, plastic-free puzzle, then please contact with your motif suggestion. I look forward to your message <3